11 October 2020

Week results in "SovElMash" project ("Duyunov's motors")

11 October 2020

 The "SovElMash" laboratory has received the results of another study of a split winding motor. The experts established the opportunity to apply the technology for general-purpose industrial motors. To recap, "ASiPP" was the first in the world to enunciate the principle of dividing the winding into separate sections in 2014, as part of the patent for a low-noise, energy-efficient electric drive.
 The principle can be used both for induction motors with a traditional winding type, and for motors with the combined winding "Slavyanka".
 The advantages of a split winding consist in each section being managed by its own controller and the fact that the motor can be operated not at full capacity if necessary. This reduces power consumption, decreases starting currents and reduces the risk of breakdowns in the drive system, which is important for both general-purpose industrial electric motors and traction electric motors. For example, in aviation, if one of the controllers fails, an aircraft with a split winding motor will be able to continue flying.
 It is important that the technology allows you to abandon the use of powerful expensive controllers by replacing them with less powerful and more cost-effective ones. This solution is very promising, especially when used together with the combined winding "Slavyanka" — such motors will occupy an important place in the market and will be in high demand in a lot of industries.
 "SovElMash" made all the due corrections in compliance with the comments issued by Rospotrebnadzor (the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing) and re-submitted the documentation to obtain the construction permit for the design and engineering technology department. To recap, without this document, you can not start the construction of the D&E department building, so at the moment the preparatory activities are being carried out on the site: a construction camp has been built, the temporary utilities are being installed.
 At the same time, "SovElMash" continues to be checked by the Department for Combating Economic Crimes that started in the summer this year. The company filed a request to the Department of Internal Affairs for Zelenograd administrative district requesting to inform about the audit results. In a response letter, the acting head of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes in the Department of Internal Affairs for Zelenograd administrative district M. A. Isaev reported that the inspection was underway. It turns out that in the course of 3 months, the supervisory authorities have not been able to find any violations in the company's activity.
 The long-awaited event a lot of the project investors had been looking forward to took place last week. Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay electronic payment systems were enabled in the back office. Now you can replenish your account faster and much easier using various mobile devices. The services allow you to add funds to your account in a couple of clicks.
 The Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay icons are already displayed in the "Banking" section of the back office when selecting the replenishment method.
 Invest in the project in ways that are convenient for you and follow our news!

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Week results in "SovElMash" project ("Duyunov's motors")

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