19 October 2021

"Sovelmash" work routine | Latest news from the construction site and leased premises

19 October 2021

In the new video, Alexander Sudarev tells about the work routine at "Sovelmash". 
 The whole scope of work is in progress at the construction site: the staircases and elevator shafts are being cast, the dismantling and mounting of the removable formwork is in progress, the roofing work is underway, the sand backfilling is being performed by applying layer-by-layer compaction, the preparation for casting the concrete slabs for the 3rd floor is in progress, the concrete station that already has an entrance to the 3rd floor has been assembled and installed.
 The automated production line has almost been installed at the production site at the Research Institute of Precision Machine Manufacturing: the units are in their places, the equipment is being connected and fine-tuned. 
 Enjoy watching!
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