23 November 2021

Teaching the basics of the "Slavyanka" technology in China: details from Victor Arestov

23 November 2021

At the beginning of July 2021, students and teachers of the Weihai Vocational College for the first time learned about the features of the "Slavyanka" technology and the existence of the handbook "Combined windings of electric machines" developed by the Duyunov's team specialists. The introductory lectures at the educational institution were conducted by Victor Arestov, the partner of "Sovelmash" and head of ASPP Weihai. 
After almost 5 months, the college launched an extensive program to teach the basics of using motors based on the combined winding "Slavyanka" technology. After the first lectures for students, the teachers have also been involved in the educational process: the next classes are being prepared for them. Having mastered the theory, students will have an internship at ASPP Weihai, where they will get acquainted with the use of the "Slavyanka" motors installed in vehicles. The plans include the creation of student projects incorporating the technology.
According to Victor Arestov, Dmitriy Duyunov created a textbook on combined winding types, including this purpose among other things. It's good to see that the student training line is starting to work in China. More than half of the world's electric motors are produced and operated here, and more than 50% of the total energy on the planet is consumed by China too. The Chinese electric motor market is huge, and cooperation with educational institutions is another important step aimed at popularizing the technology in the country. 
Victor Arestov: "This is not the disclosure of our technologies, because no one teaches how to develop new systems or new designs for our windings. In order for future customers and partners to come to us with orders for the development of drives and electric motors, it is necessary for them to understand what they are ordering. Without understanding, it's like buying a pig in a poke. This is what the training program is organized for. And in China precisely, as it is the largest market for electric motors in the world, both in electric transport and in industrial application."
Through the training of students, it is possible to create a demand in China for the motors designed by applying the "Slavyanka" technology. In other words, the demand for services that will be provided by the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department.
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