26 November 2021

How to invest with maximum profit: all offers for the project investors

26 November 2021

The project "Duyunov's motors" now has a whole range of special offers for investors. Some of them will expire within the next week. If you want to invest with maximum profit, explore all the options right now! 
 All information about the offers is collected in the "Promo Offers" section of the back office here https://reg.solargroup.pro/en/promo/materials  
 A brief summary of the current offers and their validity time.

  1. Increasing the package paid in installments, at the purchase date discount. Until November 30 inclusive. 
  2. Investment packages at the discount of stage 15 as part of the "Black Friday" offer. The offer is valid until December 3 inclusive. 
  3. Updated "Gift to a Friend" option. 200 shares will be credited to you and the person who registers in the project using your invitation. The doubled number of bonus shares is valid only until the end of stage 16. After that, you can get only 100 shares for each friend registration. 
  4. Discount subscription. After the full repayment of your package, you can purchase a new package at a discount of the already paid one. Applicable within 30 calendar days from the date of the last payment for the package. 
  5. 5% bonus for timely installment payments. Pay in installments in accordance with the schedule, without a single day overdue and receive bonus shares in the amount of 5% of their total number in the package.
  6. Double payment. Bonus shares are accrued for payment of the first two months in your installment plan at once. 
  7. Early repayment. Bonus shares for making two or more installment payments at once.

The conditions of different promotions can be combined, so it is most profitable to take advantage of several offers at once. Hurry to do this before they expire!

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