27 December 2021

Discount: important facts for the investor to know

27 December 2021

We often talk about the discount in the project "Duyunov's motors". What is a discount, how does it change along with the project development, and why is it important for the investor to be aware of these changes? Knowing answers to these questions, you will understand when and how much you need to invest in the project to get the maximum benefits. 
 A discount is a price reduction for purchasing investment shares. The discount rate is related to the level of risks existing in the project. The closer the project is to implementing its goal - the completion of the "Sovelmash" engineering center - the lower the risks and the lower the discount (that is, the lower the price reduction for purchasing the shares). 
 The process of funding the project "Duyunov's motors" is divided into 20 stages. With every new stage, the discount is reduced. With the same cost of the investment package, the investor will receive a different number of shares in the package at different stages. The earlier he or she invests in the project, the more shares they will have at the same cost. It is most profitable to buy shares before the stage change or as part of the offers, at the highest possible discount. 
 Let's demonstrate the benefit in numbers with an example.
 • At project funding stage 5, a package worth $2,000 could be purchased at a discount of 470 through a 10-month installment plan, thus bringing 940,000 investment shares. 
 • At stage 10, the same package could be purchased with a discount of 304 and brought the investor 608 000 shares. 
 • At the current stage 16, the same package is available at a discount of 150 and contains 300 000 investment shares. 
 • At the upcoming stage 17, the discount for this package will be 134, and the investor will receive 268,000 shares.
 Over the 12 stages, the number of shares in the package has decreased more than 3.5 times - the benefits of investing at an earlier stage are obvious.
 But why is it so important to become the owner of more investment shares? In the project "Duyunov's motors", investors acquire shares of SOLARGROUP, which in turn is the co-owner of "Sovelmash". After the project funding is completed, the shares will be converted into the "Sovelmash" shares, and their owners will receive income in the form of dividends from the company's business activity. It will also be possible to earn from the sale of shares, which will significantly increase in price along with the growth of "Sovelmash" assets. The more shares the investor has, the higher their income will be in the future. 
 Project stage 16 is nearing completion. December 30 is the last day when you can buy investment shares at the best discounts on special offers. Hurry up and take advantage of this opportunity!

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