05 Декабрь 2022

"Gift to a Friend": new conditions of the option

05 Декабрь 2022

We've updated the "Give to a Friend" option to make it even more beneficial for developing the project.

Now for each friend invited to the project you will be credited $ 5 to your partner account. We give your friend $ 25 credited to the main account in the back office, these funds can be invested in the project.

Gift conditions

  • Your friend must activate the account in the back office within 30 calendar days after you send him/her the gift.
  • They must verify in the back office within 20 calendar days after account activation. Once this is done, we will credit the money to both you and your friend.
  • Your friend must invest in the project within 20 calendar days after verification. In this case, the gift $ 25 can be used to pay for the investment package. If your friend fails to invest within the specified period, their gift will be cancelled.

You can send 25 invitations with a gift per month and get up to $ 125 credited to your partner account. You can send more invitations, but with no gift.

Detailed conditions of the "Gift to a Friend" option are described in the "Promo Offers" section of the back office here.

It is important not only to study the option rules yourself, but also to explain them to a friend whom you invite to the project, so that you both get the gifts.

The "Gift to a Friend" option is an opportunity to increase your income and investment portfolio. It's also your contribution to the project development.

Make use of it!


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