22 novembre 2022

Double referral remuneration for partners from India

22 novembre 2022

On November 19, a large-scale SOLARGROUP conference was held in New Delhi, India. If you missed the event, watch the recording.

To celebrate the event, a special offer has been launched: all partners from India receive double referral remuneration from the first level of their structure until December 4 inclusive.

The offer applies to every partner with Indian citizenship. To see for yourself:

  • go to the back office, "For Partners" section,
  • pay attention to the banner with the message that the double referral remuneration is available to you,
  • pay attention to the countdown - it will help you not to miss the date when the offer expires.

IMPORTANT: doubled referral remuneration is accrued from any sales in the first level.

Here's an example:

If you hold the Master status, according to the marketing plan, you will receive 15% of the referral remuneration from the first-level investment. Under the special offer, your referral remuneration will be 30%.

Recall that the purpose of such offers is not only to inspire and motivate the conference participants. They also help to attract new investors and partners, facilitate interaction with potential participants and allow partners to showcase the benefits of participation.

Hurry up and collect your double referral remuneration until December 4 inclusive!

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