21 september 2022

Money and the world

21 september 2022

What is the world? The meta universe, the planet, people and you. Your inner world is called the same as all objective reality. And for good reason. Everything you do - work, investment, learning, entertainment - you do for the world to exist. Feeling happy and harmonious is your goal, even when you don't think about it.

What does it have to do with money? They give you confidence in the future and help you in self-fulfillment, that is, they are the way to your goal. And you've probably noticed that getting money has never once caused you negative emotions, on the contrary - each time it changed your mood for the better.

An experiment was once conducted on people who had just received a large sum of money in order to prove that money did not affect happiness. The life satisfaction of these people was measured. They were as satisfied as possible! After a while, it was measured again - and turned out to be lower. Although they didn't spend the money, that was the main condition. And so it went on getting lower and lower until the lucky ones slipped back to the state of dissatisfaction they had had before they received the money.

But they kept their money, so money did not lead to happiness, the experiment was a success? Not quite. They kept the money, but they did not multiplied it. And to be happy, each of us needs development, forward movement and positive momentum. Your financial situation is no exception to the rule. When welfare increases, the person is calm; when welfare decreases, the person gets anxious.

All that the participants of the experiment had to do to ensure that life satisfaction did not decrease was invest their money wisely. So investment, in addition to financial wellbeing, leads to harmony and peace with oneself.

In addition, by participating in the project "Duyunov's motors", each person contributes to the wellbeing of many other people and the planet as a whole, that is, the world in a broad sense. There is even such a notion as "money harmony," meaning that money obtained only in a way that is acceptable to a particular person leads to psychological comfort. Thus, with SOLARGROUP, everyone has the opportunity to achieve what serves their interests: to help preserve the planet, to support innovative technology, to help others achieve prosperity, to simply earn ethically, etc.

Stay at peace with your inner world, be with us! And don't forget to share this opportunity with others.


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