18 Январь 2023

Business and storytelling: the reason why you need it too

18 Январь 2023

To answer a strategic question about the future of investing, you usually have to do a lot of reading. If you want to get a handle on it, you'll need a lot of data: on venture capital, startups, patents, partnership agreements - going back to at least 2010. Moreover, with startups, the situation is constantly changing. Now, for example, the era of startups is predicted to end and the era of large corporations is expected to return.

How do you make sense of a business without studying so much dull information? How do you explain business to others without making them feel bored? And explain it in a way that anyone can understand, because anyone can become an investor. Storytelling gives business a helping hand with it. 

Storytelling became an effective marketing tool when theater people began to help business speakers prepare public speeches. They still do it! Some of them are stars like Augusto Masiello, director of an Italian theater and president of the IT section of a business advocacy organization. He is said to help make such presentations that experienced business people just sit and listen, even though visually nothing much is going on. This is the magic of storytelling, it makes complicated things simple, returns speech to its essence making it possible to express deep meanings in comprehensible words. This has already helped many entrepreneurs, because not all people in business have the gift to "spark" the audience and not everyone is good at public speaking.

Storytelling allows you to tell a story about a project or company in a way that gets them closer and clearer to potential customers. This is a story about a person in business, so a presentation with elements of storytelling makes it easier to win the trust of your audience. Books of success stories were first used by large corporations, not start-ups, when it became ineffective to address customers with short slogans, because even the most well-placed advertising slogan is not an answer to a customer's request. It was no longer enough to draw the audience's attention to the project, people needed to be engaged in order to keep their attention. Storytelling has done the job. And made it possible to make business presentations more effective using fairly simple tools.

You can see for yourself that these means are simple. Go to the back office and check the "Partner Stories" section. You'll see that these are people just like you, they're the ones who make the project successful. You can use these stories or write your own in order to enhance your presentation and let your customers feel the "chemistry" of the project. By following this link you will also find a form with questions, which, when answered in detail, will put your name in the SOLARGROUP Book of Success and give you an effective tool for doing business. Don't forget to attach a link to your photo and write your first and last name in full, that way your story will be posted and you'll get 100 shares to your investment account.

Storytelling, above all, proves the power of the team and emphasizes how important and valuable each person is in business. Join and invite your partners to share their stories, and together we'll show why people need the project "Duyunov's motors".


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