Build a successful business with the company SOLARGROUP

And earn money being part of a large team

The partner program is a form of business cooperation between the company SOLARGROUP and active people who want to develop the projects funded by SOLARGROUP and earn money from it

How does the partner make profit?

The partner earns money from promoting the projects funded by SOLARGROUP and gets a referral fee for their work that can be withdrawn any time in monetary terms.

Sign the Partnership agreement in the back office.

Recommend our projects to your acquaintances.

Get a referral fee for your work.

The partner program peculiarities

One of the highest referral fees in the industry.

Up to 16% from first-level customers.

Payments from the partner structure up to level 24 in depth.

  • You can promote our projects and get the referral fee without any personal investments
  • The referral fee is credited immediately and automatically to your back office account
  • The referral fee is credited in monetary terms and is available for withdrawal to your plastic card or wallet in the payment system
  • No restrictions for the number of personally invited investors and partners
  • The partner status is changed automatically
  • Minimum remuneration available for withdrawal is $50

Anyone can earn money

Are you a beginner?

Tell about the projects promoted by SOLARGROUP to your friends and acquaintances and get your first referral remuneration.

Are you a marketing specialist?

Use online advertising and get remuneration for each attracted customer.

Are you a blogger?

Do you have a lot of friends in social media, a frequently visited website or a YouTube channel? Tell your subscribers about our projects and earn money from it.

Are you an experienced multi-level marketing specialist?

Have a structure in another company? Tell your partners about SOLARGROUP projects and start earning more!

Every partner has access to:

Free training

Marketing materials

24/7 customer support

The partners of SOLARGROUP are a large open community whose part you can also become!

"National partner"

Are you a strong leader who wants to become SOLARGROUP's representative in your country?

Send a request

You will get:

  • Higher partner status
  • Additional referral fee from your region's turnover
  • An opportunity to speak officially on behalf of the company

Opened national representative offices

Earn money together with us

The partner program is a good reason to share information about our projects with your friends and acquaintances and get referral remuneration.

If you do it professionally, the partner program can become your main source of income and a large partner network will bring unlimited passive income.

Reviews from our partners

Over 18 600 partners are earning money together with SOLARGROUP

Alexander Manzhula National partner in Russia

Sergey Mazin Project partner from Russia

Sergey Shevchenko Project partner from Russia

Виктор Деак Project partner in Hungary

By promoting our projects, you are supporting innovations and making the world a better place. Remember about it.

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