About us

SOLARGROUP is an international new-generation financial company operating in the field of crowdinvesting. Using the crowd funding mechanism and extensive partner network, we organize funding of promising technology startups and commercial projects around the world.

Our mission

Preserving the planet by supporting innovative technologies and providing financial wellbeing for all the project participants

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Innovative projects


For Investors

Компания SOLARGROUP дает возможность каждому человеку из любой точки мира поддержать инновации и заработать на этом.

A small minimum investment amount, serious legal protection of the invested funds as well as high potential income make the partnership with SOLARGROUP very enticing even for beginner investors.

Для партнеров

Надежность, честность и взаимовыгодное сотрудничество - основные принципы, которыми руководствуется SOLARGROUP.

If you have a proactive approach to life, want to do something useful, be part of a big community and earn by applying your effort - promote the projects funded by SOLARGROUP and get remuneration for your work.



For innovative projects

Компания SOLARGROUP обладает большим опытом и командой, способной организовать финансирование для перспективных технологических стартапов и коммерческих проектов путем краудинвестинга.

The duties of SOLARGROUP include marketing support of crowd funding, organization of investment facilitating system represented by the back office and payment acceptance features, as well as preparing the legal basis.

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Legal information

The company SOLARGROUP acts within the law and has a financial activity licence issued by the authorized regulatory agencies. View the legal documents.

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