4 June 2024

Anniversary of the project "Duyunov's motors"!

4 June 2024

Dear friends! In early June, our project celebrates its 7th anniversary. On June 1, 2017, the first online presentation of the project was held, during which Sergey Semyonov and Dmitriy Duyunov announced the start of crowdfunding.

As in every person's life, this 7-year period was a time of rapid growth, pivotal events and groundwork for the future.

Main achievements

• Our community already has over 502,000 members from all over the world. These include 67,600 investors and 19,300 partners.

• SOLARGROUP has created an innovative IT back office platform, thanks to which the project funding and investment attraction is carried out all over the world.

• SOLARGROUP has formed a strong team of professionals who are passionate about the company's mission and implementation of the project.

• We have set up national representative offices in 28 countries and 9 overseas offices. This strategy helped to increase the inflow of investments, make the "Slavyanka" technology more recognisable in the world, and the project — truly international.

• The "Sovelmash" engineering centre is virtually completed. It remains to complete the installation of some engineering networks, finishing and landscaping. The D&E will be put into operation this year.

• The "Sovelmash" team obtained several patents for the technology and created a number of innovative developments: a universal integrated drive for power tools, a gearless elevator winch, a controller and others, including process equipment for motor production.

• "Sovelmash" has formed a team of specialists and purchased modern equipment. Various areas are already in operation at the D&E site. Preliminary agreements for co-operation have been signed with customers, including, for example, "KAMAZ". The "Sovelmash" laboratory is recognised as the most accurate in Russia for testing electric motors, according to a major manufacturer of testing equipment.

• SOLARGROUP has attracted more than $ 84,000,000 in investments. This money is spent on implementing the project.

None of the results of this seven-year period would have been possible without your support and investment!

Do you remember the origins of the project? Or you joined when it had already matured a bit? Share your memories in the comments and leave your wishes for the "hero of the occasion"!