20 Ноябрь 2022

Results of the week in the project "Duyunov's motors"

20 Ноябрь 2022

"Sovelmash" D&E construction

Construction activities at the "Sovelmash" site are progressing as scheduled. In particular, the construction workers completed the installation of the third floor airlock right in time for the snowfall. Now we can say that the thermal envelope of the building is completely closed, with no exceptions.

Work continues on connecting the building to the heating pipeline, installing interior partitions and in other areas.

We remind you that the construction pace now largely depends on the amount of investment coming into "Sovelmash". All the funds go immediately to meet the construction site needs. You can personally accelerate the construction, for example, by making several monthly installment payments at once or by inviting new investors to the project.

SOLARGROUP conference in India

SOLARGROUP held an offline conference in New Delhi on November 19. It became one of the largest events in the project. The company's executives personally participated in the event.

In addition, a number of business meetings were held in conjunction with the conference to promote the project and the "Slavyanka" technology in India. We will tell you more about all of these events soon. Follow our news!

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30 Ноябрь 2022

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