7 July 2024

Results of the week in the project "Duyunov's motors"

7 July 2024

"Sovelmash" D&E construction

• On July 2, a milestone event took place that brought "Sovelmash" closer to obtaining the certificate of construction completion (CC) for the engineering center! All four power transformers were connected to the 10 kV grid in no-load mode. After the trial run, the D&E will be connected to the power supply in accordance with the design layout.
• "Sovelmash" received the specifications for coupling with the Moscow automated centralized emergency alerting system. Meeting these conditions is important for obtaining the CC. The alerting system in the D&E is installed and functional; it remains to integrate it with the centralized system.
• The installation of the noise shield is nearing completion. The columns have been assembled and the most difficult scope of work is done.

Roadmap updates

We have summed up the project funding results for the first half of the year. The big news is that SOLARGROUP has fulfilled its obligations to transfer funds to "Sovelmash". We transferred 614,207,396 rubles to "Sovelmash" over 6 months. Since the set plan is covered, the target amount has disappeared from the Roadmap.

However, the funding efforts continue as money is needed to get the D&E up and running and to sustain its operations until it reaches its target performance. Once the amount needed is calculated, it will appear on the Roadmap.

Current offers

5% discount on payments of $ 100 or more for early repayment up to and including August 31.

Friendly promo code for 10% of bonus shares when buying a new package, until the end of stage 19.

Information about all the offers in the project is available in the back office.

Use them and invest with maximum benefit!


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