27 March 2024

Each and every one of you is important!

27 March 2024

"We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided." J. K. Rowling

We believe it's time to focus on creating. When people come together to create, they become an unstoppable force.
In 2017, brave people decided to come together and implement an ambitious idea to start an engineering centre from scratch. None of them had any idea how many obstacles they would have to overcome.

A lot of things have been overcome, the "Sovelmash" D&E is almost completed. The project is at stage 19 of the 20 planned stages. Now it's time to follow through. And give every participant in the project the future we all dream of.

What does it mean to unite now? Make a feasible investment at the final stages of implementation. The final contribution is just as important as the contribution at the start.

That's why we have prepared an exclusive offer for everyone, that is, the "Golden Collection" of packages. The offer is available to both new investors and those who have been in the project for a long time.

Along with the collector's package you get:
• unique personalised merchandise with the project symbols,
• unique certificate of the package holder,
• the benefit of buying shares at a discount of the stage available to you.

We remind you that even if this is your first time supporting the project, you are buying shares now at a discount of stage 19, that is, cheaper than ever in the future.

Every participant in the project will see profits and consistent revenue growth as the enterprise grows and the business expands.

It's worth joining forces for.

Thank you for your support! Each and every one of you is important.