5 July 2024

The plan has been fulfilled! What's next?

5 July 2024

We congratulate all the investors in the project on the fact that the plan to transfer to "Sovelmash" the funds required to complete the construction of the design and engineering technology department has been fulfilled!

SOLARGROUP set a goal of attracting 12 million dollars and transferring 600 million rubles to "Sovelmash" over the first half of this year. As a result, we raised $ 12,509,947 and transferred 614,207,396 rubles to "Sovelmash". This was achieved thanks to the robust dynamic of attracting funds.

But the project funding doesn't stop at this point! Now we expect "Sovelmash" to give a projection of how much money is needed to put the engineering center into operation, evaluate and put all the tangible and intangible assets on the balance sheet, reorganize the OOO (limited liability company) into a joint-stock company, and issue securities.

Updates in the Roadmap

Currently the Roadmap of the project doesn't show the amount of investments left to attract, because we have covered the set plan and are waiting for the next debriefing. But you can see how much funds we plan to attract in July based on projected installment payments from the investors.

The most important thing! We continue to systematically move towards our goal — launching the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department, where unique electric motors will be developed.

Thank you for your support!


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