13 Ноябрь 2023

Your "Team" has been structured | Back office updates

13 Ноябрь 2023

Doing partner business efficiently has become even easier. We have updated the "Team" section in the back office taking into account the most frequent requests of our active partners.

What's new in the section?

• Colour marking the users on your list. Assign different colours and give names to different groups. For example, based on such features as: called, not reached, etc. It'll make your work with customers quick and easy.

• Data verification and confirmation status in the table. Now you can immediately see information about each customer in their profile - whether they have completed verification or confirmed their contact details.

• User's progress to the next status. If a customer has signed the partnership agreement, you can see their status and progress immediately - there is an indicator around the customer's profile picture and detailed information in the profile.

• Informative customer card. The customer's profile now contains all information about him/her: citizenship, language, contacts, inviter, statistics on their structure, investments, etc.

• Invitations in a separate table. There is now a separate table for users who have not yet confirmed the invitation email. And you don't need to select them manually.

Besides, you won't have to do any more unnecessary actions. For example, copying a phone number and email is now a one-click operation. And you can add notes with one click.

Read more in the "Knowledge Base".

And we've also added a full screen mode.

Your team is structured now! Work with comfort and pleasure.


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