23 Ноябрь 2022

We invite you to a meeting of Indian TOP Partners with the management of SOLARGROUP!

23 Ноябрь 2022

Dear partners! On Thursday, November 24 at 20:00 New Delhi time, a meeting of SOLARGROUP's top partners from India with the company's management will take place.

Link to the meeting - https://solargroup.zoom.us/j/8...

The meeting will be attended by:

Pavel Shadskiy - Commercial Director of SOLARGROUP
Pavel Filippov - Head of Advertising and Public Relations
Alisa Kuznetsova - Head of Partner Network

What are we going to discuss at the meeting?

• News of the project "Duyunov's motors" and SOLARGROUP.

• News from the construction site, funding completion deadlines and important figures of the project, which were first announced at the recently held conference in India.

• New promotions and special offers. We will speak about the new promotions and special offers, which will help not only to invest profitably, but also to increase the income of partners.

• Internal exchange announcement. We'll demonstrate the internal exchange functionality and show how it will operate. We'll discuss the launch timeframe, as well as answer your questions about the exchange.

• We'll answer all the questions you would like to personally ask the company's management, discuss and record all the suggestions from the meeting participants.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the exclusive event for SOLARGROUP partners only!

The meeting is an opportunity not only to get some valuable information, but also to communicate with the management of SOLARGROUP face to face. The meeting will last 1-1.5 hours.

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